Obama, Edwards go after Clinton during debate

"Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards criticized Clinton for her stance on Iraq, Iran and Social Security.

"The American people ... deserve a president of the United States that they know will tell them the truth and won't say one thing one time and something different at a different time," Edwards said."


""I don't think the Republicans got the message that I'm voting and sounding like them," Clinton said.

"If you watched their debate last week, I seemed to be the topic of great conversation and consternation. And that's for a reason, because I have stood against George Bush and his failed policies."

Obama offered a different explanation. "Part of the reason that Republicans, I think, are obsessed with you, Hillary, is because that's a fight they're very comfortable having," Obama said.

'"It is the fight that we've been through since the '90s. And part of the job of the next president is to break the gridlock and to get Democrats and independents and Republicans to start working together to solve these big problems like health care or climate change or energy."

But, said Edwards, "another perspective on why the Republicans keep talking about Sen. Clinton is, Senator, they may actually want to run against you.""

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