Compete Introduces Candidate FaceTime: Measuring Presidential Contenders’ Web-Wide Efforts

Compete introduces Candidate FaceTime: Measuring Presidential Contenders’ Web-Wide Efforts

"The rise in popularity of social networking and video sharing websites in the years since the last US presidential election has created a myriad of new ways for candidates to reach and engage voters. The leading candidates all have, for example, MySpace and facebook profiles, flickr pages, and their own YouTube channels. Combined, the candidates have posted over 2,500 videos to their YouTube channels since January...

Compete is proud to unveil Candidate FaceTimeTM, offering a holistic, web wide means of measuring how well the candidates are using all of these channels to get “face time” with voters...

The table below shows each candidate’s FaceTime in October, their share of their party’s FaceTime, and the percentage of all hours spent with a candidate that occurred on his or her official website. Below the table are trended charts comparing each candidate’s share of monthly FaceTime since January."

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