Tech Tools for Voters

Tech Tools for Voters

"Election 2008 has unleashed a whole new tool chest for the voting public to engage, discuss, and interact with presidential candidates and members of Congress. Do you want more, in-depth answers to complicated questions on healthcare, global warming, border security, or social security? Do you want detailed, articulate, thoughtful answers to these and other complex issues that will affect the entire country for generations to come? The issues are too complicated and too important to be boiled down to a 30-second sound bite. Recently, several groups have launched tools and widgets that can help the average voter ask questions of the candidates; they include 10Questions.com (www.10questions.com), Straight2thecandidates.com (www.straight2thecandidates.com), and AskyourLawmaker.com (www.askyourlawmaker.com)."


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