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"If it was not an Ed Muskie moment — Mrs. Clinton did not cry (or look like she was crying) — she was certainly on the verge of it after a woman asked her, at a round table discussion at a coffee shop here, how she managed to get out of bed and soldier through each day....

Mrs. Clinton has rarely let herself become visibly emotional in public life, and there has not been a moment like this one during the presidential campaign. Some of her political advisers have been trying to find ways to bring out Mrs. Clinton’s human side more, given that voters have said they find her to be remote and too focused on policy. At the same time, she and her advisers have mostly underscored her strength and resilience during the campaign, since many voters put a premium on having a forceful presence in the role of commander-in-chief."
(link to NYT article below)
Alex: If you read the article, I believe (unless the press overreacts to it) that it will help her more than it will hurt her. It sounds genuine, and more heartfelt (as opposed to formal) responses may be exactly what voters are waiting to see from Hillary.

When one is down you find it sometimes easier to see a person's true character. As mentioned, as it is described in the piece, it sounds good to me.

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