Good Night for Clinton But Not So Good For Pollsters, Pundits - FOXNews

Good Night for Clinton But Not So Good For Pollsters, Pundits - FOXNews
"Borrowing from an old and familiar playbook, Hillary Clinton pulled off an unexpected win in New Hampshire after five days of slipping poll numbers, accusations of feigned tears and low turnout at campaign events.

Throughout the voting day, exit polling offered no solid evidence to suggest that Barack Obama wouldn’t walk away the victor, besting the former first lady twice in a week, and catapulting him into history as the first African American ever to win the New Hampshire primary."


"“She pretended to cry, the women felt sorry for her and they went for her,” said Dick Morris, a former Bill Clinton adviser and current FOX News contributor

Morris said he thinks Clinton’s well of support came from working people, women and seniors, who believed in Clinton’s expertise in the areas of health care and education, and he suggested that in the last few days Clinton was able to drive those points home on the trail and in a televised debate.

“She showed a capacity to take a punch that was extraordinary,” Morris said. “I have never seen a comeback like this in my entire political life. … And I gotta say that this means, I think, that she’s going to win” the Democratic nomination."

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