The Comeback of the Century

It's the quiet few weeks between Super Tuesday and the upcoming March 4th primaries. Sure, the Potomac Primaries and Wisconsin/ Hawaii kept things moving but nothing real is going to happen until the showdown in Texas and Ohio. It's a good time to stop and take stock of how dramatic this race has been.

There is no question that Senator Obama's rise has been exciting even to people who will never vote for the guy. Remembering the media's love of John McCain from eight years ago, it's probably most accurate to use this to clarify where he is from: Senator Obama (D- the Media).

But John McCain's rise in his field is empirically even more dramatic. I'm preparing for a speech in Arizona later this week and overlayed McCain's primary poll numbers over Obama's. Here's what that chart, covering the last two months looks like.

It's even more dramatic when you look at the candidate futures trading markets. That's Obama in blue and McCain in red.

To hear the rest of this, you'll have to join me in Scottsdale this Saturday!

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