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Arianna Huffington talks to the media during her short-lived attempt to become governor of California at UC Berkeley on September 11, 2003.Image from WikipediaExcerpt:
"In February, The Huffington Post drew 3.7 million unique visitors, according to Nielsen Online, for the first time beating out The Drudge Report, the conservative tip sheet with which The Post is often compared. On Technorati, a blog search tool, The Huffington Post is the second-most-linked-to blog, behind only the technology site TechCrunch. As Roy Sekoff, the site’s editor, said, “We’ve always wanted to be part of the national conversation....

“Success on the Web is defined by spotting niches and serving them well,” said Micah L. Sifry, the editor of the blog “Will people go to The Huffington Post for great sports blogging? They’re certainly not going to go see what Arianna says about opening day,” he added."

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