Parsing the Endorsement Of Obama by Richardson - The Wall Street Journal

Parsing the Endorsement Of Obama by Richardson - The Wall Street Journal
"A Democratic party effort to avert a prolonged and potentially damaging nomination fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could be jumpstarted today by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's endorsement of Mr. Obama.

Mr. Richardson plans to make the endorsement at a campaign rally with Mr. Obama today in Oregon and will call him a "once-in-a-lifetime leader that can bring our nation together and restore America's moral leadership in the world," the Associated Press reports. It is an important endorsement on at least three fronts. Mr. Richardson is an influential superdelegate for the party, whose declaration of support could draw the backing of other superdelegates needed to secure the nomination, since neither candidate seems likely to win it through delegates earned in the primaries and caucuses. He was a prominent second-tier candidate before the race narrowed to the two frontrunners, and as such has been courted by both campaigns since he dropped out. And he is the country's only Hispanic governor, and could thus help Sen. Obama with a key bloc of voters that has mostly leaned toward Sen. Clinton."

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Doug said...

Actions Speak Better than Words

Before the negative press regarding Mr. Wright, Mr Obama had on numerous occasions declared Mr. Wright as his mentor and spiritual teacher for the past 20 years and even went so far as to include Mr. Wright in his election staff, these are the actions of Mr. Obama. When the press found out about the Hitleresque personality of Mr. Wright, Mr. Obama’s staff writers immediately created a rebuttal of hyperbole that amazingly some people actually believed.

But regardless what Mr. Obama and his staff reply, Mr. Obama cannot retract his clear public proclamation that Mr. Wright has been mentor and spiritual teacher for over 20 YEARS. And that up to recent negative press, Mr. Wright was on Mr. Obama’s Spiritual Advisor Committee campaign team. Mr. Obama cannot make excuses regarding this or deny it. And to downplay the violent rhetoric of Mr. Wright is like trying to make excuses for Hitler. Hitler and Mr. Wright both convey hateful and paranoid messages that should shivers through the average American. Never would I expect to see in my lifetime a man of such evil taking the pulpit on National Television and professing extreme hate and implied violence that has direct implications for almost every white, Jew, non-Christian, Christians of other faiths, government officials, peoples from other countries and so on. Didn’t Hitler do this too?

If you make the choice to listen and learn from a so called spiritual mentor every week over 20 years, do you expect me or any other rational being to believe that you wouldn’t be or want to be influenced by their ideas? And what does that say of your personal integrity if you chose American hating Mr. Wright as your mentor in life?

Action is the real measure of a person, not their words. We know who Mr. Obama is by his life and choices, not the words he spins. And we can only imagine the amount of hatred Mr. Obama will unleash once he achieves ultimate power. Uh-Oh!

And also consider recent announcement that the chief of the firm involved in the State Department’s passport breach is one of Obama’s adviser. (And why is this not being discussed?) And that Obama has been caught lying about Rezko, regarding the amount of money Rezko gave him, and that Obama still hasn’t come clean about his Rezko land deal. Or further, how Michelle Obama makes a phenomenal $317.000 a month at a hospital in Chicago that is famous for turning away the poor, especially the black poor and Michelle Obama’s separatist-racist connection to Farrakhan and Chicago's Trinity United Church trumpeting Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama as the second coming of the messiah. And Michelle Obama’s statement she “has never been proud to be an AMERICAN in her adult life".
And today, the criminal indictment of Mr. Obama’s super delegate the governor of Puerto Rico.
And for those who don’t know Mr. Obama’s connection to Saddam Hussein, I suggest you read the following article very carefully:

If Obama were to become president, what would stop Mr. Obama from appointing Mr. Wright to his cabinet? And after Mr. Wright’s appointment, if anyone complained no doubt they would be called racist. And it seems as if this strategy - that it is racist to criticize a black man - is already in effect as Mr. Obama can do anything corrupt with minimal impunity by the public or the press.

But if Hillary so much as sneezes, she is taken through the laundry and hung out to dry and then beaten some more. Such an obvious bias treatment towards Mr. Obama because of his race is racial discrimination. And I believe another reason why Mrs. Clinton is unfairly criticized to such an extreme is because a handful of powerful men in the media can’t stand the idea of a woman for president – likely a libido thing.

We should have as our country’s leader someone with wisdom and knowledge, whose goal is the selfless betterment of the world. We should not elect someone with a personal agenda for personal power or select them because of the fashionably of their race or the preference for a gender.

With all the red lights in Mr. Obama’s resume, and all the hyperbole that he spins that keeps us from knowing the real Mr. Obama, are you sure this is the person best to lead our country? Should we gamble away the American future to a man who associates with and is taught by men who hate this country and its people?

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