Today's Political Roundup - 31 stories and videos, including Jim McGreevey, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Spitzer

I WAS MCG AND WIFE'S THREE-WAY SEX STUD: EX-DRIVER - New York Post - Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey

Baghdad rocked as McCain, Cheney visit

Kristol Fails To Check His Sources, And So Bungles Key Fact In Anti-Obama Column - Marc Ambinder

Fed Acts to Rescue Financial Markets - New York Times

OBAMA'S LIMO SEX & DRUG PARTY - YouTube Video With Over 600,000 Views - From: larrysinclair0926

Clinton's Internet Director Challenges Bloggers to Cover Obama Campaign Tactics - Taylor Marsh:

Democrats unable to agree on Florida do-over -


Diane Sawyer's Long-Awaited Prostitution Special Finally Gets Green Light- Huffington Post

China blocks YouTube over Tibet videos- Yahoo!

Wiretapping's true danger - Los Angeles Times

McCain Embraces Tech Executives For White House Push - TechCrunch Interviews Carly Fiorina

Zogby Poll: U.S. Wants McCain to Answer the Phone

Gallup Daily: McCain at 47% to Obama's 44%

Come 'n get it: Britney and Mel Gibson break bread- The Dallas Morning News

Cheney Returns To Iraq: "It's Good To Be Back”

Documents: NBC Paid Shriver Six Figures To Go Away

Bush: US is on top of financial crisis

US tones down praise for Musharraf

Roll call: Terrorist surveillance bill

Senator writes of cancer

Cheney says high oil price reflects market reality

New N.Y. Gov. Prepares To Take Office

Pelosi's stance on delegates boosts Obama

New Yorker: The falling of Eliot Spitzer

A Weekly Roundup of the Buzz From the Sunday Talk Shows

Gov't is broken. Citizen scrutiny is the bugfix.

Bill Clinton: We did not play race card

Obama camp presses Clinton on 'non disclosure'

McCain calls on supporters to fill out their brackets

Note: Some titles to links come from Memeorandum, Yahoo! Buzz, The Huffington Post, etc.

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