TechPresident: A New Approach to Open Government: Push It Out of the Website Business
"The problem with that approach is that almost by definition the various institutions that together make up the federal government are never going to be as nimble and responsive as non-profits, companies, and hackers that operate outside government. Their role is to serve as the establishment. What the article by Princeton's Ed Felten and a team of researchers from the school's Center for Information Technology Policy proposes is that government entities focus on building the infrastructure to produce and distribute data, and then leave it to more capable others to create tools that make use of the it, including mashups, wikis, and visualizations.

There are are only so many hours of the day, even in DC, and the time and energy spent building public-facing websites could be poured into a more useful kind of online publishing -- making sure the data is clean, constant, and consistent."

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