Obama, MySpace, Joe Anthony, Day 2 - Coverage By Leading Media (New York Times, TechPresident, Washington Post, Huffington Post)

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Exclusive: TechPresident Traffic Rockets with Obama MySpace Story

Anthony Speaks On Obama MySpace Takeover: 'They Took This Profile Without My Consent'

How Joe Anthony Schooled the Barack Obama Campaign, and What We Still Don't Know

New York Times: "Obama’s MySpace Conundrum"
"The campaign is trying to avoid a backlash among its other online volunteers. DailyKos and MyDD, two of the most influential liberal blogs, harshly criticized the campaign for what they viewed as a stingy, hostile takeover of a volunteer’s labor of love. Seeking to avoid netroot rot, Joe Rospars, the director of new media for the Obama campaign, posted this on his blog and cross-posted on DailyKos and MyDD."

TechPresident: (the force behind this story)

Washington Post: "Obama Campaign Asks: Is It MySpace or Yours?"
""We wanted to work with Joe. But at the end of the day, this page is bigger than him," said campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki. "This is uncharted territory for everyone involved, and look, six, five months ago, could we have predicted that a MySpace page would have 160,000 friends?""

Huffington Post (James Boyce): "Barack Obama's Achilles Heel Rears Its Ugly Head. Again.
"What's going to stop Barack Obama from realizing his dream, and his potential?

His old school consultants that play by long dead rules."


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