Giuliani ad links World War II, 9/11

Giuliani ad links World War II, 9/11

Alex: How long is Giuliani going to milk for political purposes the lives of deceased Americans (that's my view). I lived in and around NYC almost the entire time Giuliani was Mayor. In my opinion (don't get me started) his negatives far far outweighed his positives.

Well, we as a nation have most recently elected President Bush (who some feel is a warmonger) for the last two terms, so we'll see what we as a nation do next

"Called "Freedom," the 60-second spot mixes video of Giuliani speaking and then speaking over images of American soldiers and homefront workers during the war and then firefighters at Ground Zero in New York. One is the famous photo of Marines planting the US flag on Iwo Jima and another of the flag raised over the rubble of the World Trade Center. In stump speeches, he has directly linked those two events."

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