Politics 2.0 5,000th Post - The Best of Politics 2.0

Top posts from Politics 2.0 first 5,000:

Politics 2.0 Hears Today From Joe Anthony - Twice. Joe: "There isn't really a way to resolve anything between me and the (Obama) campaign, and these guys certainly have more power than I do!"

Posted by James Kotecki - Capitol Hill Broadcasting Network
Editors Note: 24 posts done by James Kotecki for Politics 2.0

Politics 2.0 EXCLUSIVE: Ron Paul Website Traffic Passes Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Mitt Romney and John Edwards. Also: RON PAUL EXPLODES ACROSS TOP INTERNET SITES - UPDATED WITH NEW ARTICLES (Google, Technorati, YouTube and more)

Politics 2.0 Exclusive: Complete Rankings of the Top Viewed Presidential 2008 YouTube Videos

Joe Anthony Reaches Out to Politics 2.0 - Joe: "This will take time, but believe me, I'm still working day and night to find the best way forward."

Updated: How Joe Anthony Schooled the Barack Obama Campaign, and What We Still Don't Know - By Alex Hammer

Political TV advertising to hit $3 billion

Wikipedia Becomes '08 Battleground

GigaOm: Web 2.0 Gives Birth to Politics 2.0

Alex Hammer - Rudy Giuliani vs. Ron Paul II

Army Reports Brass, Not Bloggers, Breach Security

Link to Hillary "1984" Parody Video on YouTube

Politics 2.0: Barack Obama 1.2 Million You Tube Video Views, Clinton Second at 61,000

Politics 2.0 Exclusive: TechPresident Traffic Rockets with Obama MySpace Story

Politics 2.0: Obama More than Double The Total COMBINED YouTube Video Views of the Ten Other YouChoose Major Presidential Candidates

Greenspan Blogs? Not for Long!

Tech Tools for Voters

Posted by James Kotecki - The Politics of Law and Order

Widgets 2.0

Alex Hammer - Toolbox for Moderates

Chinese cyber-dissident jailed for four years

Exclusive: Barack Obama to name a "Chief Technology Officer"

By Alex Hammer - Mitt Romney vs. the Snowman - The Huffington Post

Campaigns trying to turn voter text messages into votes

Thinking Out Loud About YouTube Metrics

Steve Adams - Can an Independent Win?

Oprah's Obama party instructions

An Introduction to Using Google Earth for Political Advocacy

Bush Meets With "Friendly" Military Bloggers - The Huffington Post

Obama Girl Blog
Bill Clinton YouTube Video

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